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Asymptote combines world leading research into the science of cell freezing with engineering expertise to create pioneering cryochain technology for advanced medicines. Our portfolio of innovative products preserves cell viability during cryogenic processing of cellular therapies – from freezing to thawing – to support our customers’ work to improve healthcare throughout the world.

The Leadership Team

John Morris

Dr John Morris


Chris Creasey

Dr Chris Creasey


Stuart Milne

Dr Stuart Milne


Alex Nancekievill

Alex Nancekievill


Stephen Lamb

Stephen Lamb


Fiona Crawley

Fiona Crawley

Non-executive director

Our portfolio

The Asymptote product portfolio comprises hardware, software and consumables. Our VIA Freeze range of liquid nitrogen-free controlled rate freezers and the first in a series of automated, dry conduction thawers - the CellSeal Automated Thawing System - are available today. The VIA Thaw for cryobags and vials will be released soon. All Asymptote's hardware products integrate with my.Cryochain to standardize and audit remote processes from any web-browser. Together these form a complete cryochain platform: an integrated end-to-end solution for most vial and container types. More products are in development, including IceStart, an ice nucleator to ensure consistent freezing in multiwell plates.

The Asymptote GMP Cold Chain

As can be seen in the above illustration, Asymptote will release numerous products to fulfill user requirements at each stage in the cold-chain. Details of these products can be found in the products section of the website as they become available. If you are interested in our current development progress please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.

Our approach

We believe that taking a considered approach to the way we do things makes for a great product and a great company. We are serious about minimising our environmental footprint, and each business decision is weighted by its environmental impact. Our design process preferentially selects materials and processes that best support this aim, and we try as best as possible to avoid any unnecessary waste.

We have designed End-Of-Life recyclability into our products. Simply contact us and we will arrange for collection and recycling of any unwanted Asymptote equipment.

Carbon footprint management

Asymptote manufactures all non-OEM components in the UK and selects manufacturing sub-contractors based upon their environmental policies and record. This significantly reduces the material, process waste and transportation costs associated with our manufacturing activities. In the course of our business we minimise travel wherever possible, and when it is unavoidable, we carbon offset our emissions.

Cryocooling vs liquid nitrogen

Use of stirling cryocoolers instead of liquid nitrogen is not only preferable in terms of reduced sample contamination (liquid nitrogen carries numerous undesirable particulates) and health and safety improvements, but it is an inherently more efficient approach. The types of stirling cryocoolers we use convert 30%* of their input electrical power into actual cooling power, greatly exceeding the lifecycle costs involved with using liquid nitrogen.
(*Performance averaged over freezing cycle)

Company car policy

Whilst some of us love sports cars and the joy they bring, in Cambridge at least, greater joys still are to be found overtaking cars stuck in traffic jams. More than 75% of the company commutes to work by bicycle each day.


Asymptote are always on the look out for excellent people to join our team. If you think you could make a contribution to Asymptote, please do contact us. Even if we are not currently advertising for your specific skillset, we would love to hear from you.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions by email or telephone.



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Based in Cambridge, England, Asymptote Ltd is located within the centre of engineering, technology and science development spearheaded by the nearby University of Cambridge, and with excellent transport links via road and train to the country's major cities.

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